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KRILL AMERICA The Krill America, an aging research vessel, traveling in the icy waters of Antarctica s Southern Seas is suddenly propelled into the jagged edge of a glacier by an underwater earthquake Several members of the crew, including the captain, perish As the startled survivors struggle to repair the damaged boat they face the terrifying prospect of certain death in the rapidly freezing waters Unrelenting suspense and tension follow as electricity fails, food and water become scarce, and each successive effort to resurrect the sinking ship meets with tragic failure.As narrated by Max, an elderly seaman, the drama is compounded by the heated relationships among some of the crew members who compete for control and the attentions of Kat, the sole female survivor When the Krill America finally sinks dashing the hopes of all, the exhausted crew huddle into an old shrimp boat and move perilously through the rapidly freezing sea water hoping for rescue This exciting and fast paced tale concludes by surprising the unsuspecting reader with a stunning climax. New Read [ KRILL AMERICA ] author [ Ray Palla ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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  1. I don t care what this book is about, I got to read it John Krill

  2. This book is an essay on human interaction when people are thrown together and forced to work toward a common goal, although they have little in common and would likely not of their own volition ever choose to be connected to each other It s the story of struggle and the measure of success An action, adventure, thriller KRILL AMERICA is relentless and rife with tension and suspense The characters and the plot are so real that the impending death story of the ...