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Love Drug (The Crew, #1) When a plus sized Nubian business owner stops seeking love to enjoy having a little fun for a change meets the sexy yet mysterious self sufficient local bad boy with no intentions of settling down any time soon cross paths, will they take a chance and become hooked on this Love Drug or deny the cravings of their souls to selfishly protect themselves from becoming addicted Nicole Nikki Davis is a 24 year old plus sized beauty with certain insecurities She is what some may calla simple beauty but can be hardcore if pushed, sweet on the inside with hard shell on the outside She is kind and generally enjoys pleasing those around her whom she cares for Although Nicole has the qualities to be considered as wife material, she has no love interest and not many opportunities knocking at her door Broderick Brock Walker is a 32 year old complex thuggish pretty boy if ever there was one He is not the typical thug he takes pride in his appearance so no sagging, slouching, and grimy look for him Just by his appearance, he is the epitome of the saying there is to this book than just the cover Because of a messy break up recently from a long term girlfriend, who does not know when to give up, he is not interested in another relationship at the moment. Free Read Love Drug (The Crew, #1) By K.K. Harris For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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  1. Hmmm Okay so first things first I would like to say thanks to the author for giving us a complete book on the couple I know that there arebooks in the series about the other characters and one I believe is about Brock again but this first book was complete which was great Now. I just don t know why it just didn t completely click with me In the beginning I was really enjoying the book and about the 60% mark I started to fade a bit It felt like something was missing and I can t quite Hmmm Okay so first things first I would like to say thanks to the author for giving us a complete book on the cou...

  2. Nice love story

  3. This was great Love Drug man this book cause me to by the next book in the series It is possible to meet a man an fall in love with him in all the same day Amazing.

  4. True pager turnkeeps you on your toes

  5. Great readGreat readI love this love story. I can relate to the story I look forward to readingfrom this author.

  6. I loved this book The progression of the story and Nikki and Brock s love made it so interesting and worth the time spent reading Although their love story blossomed quickly, they always had each other s back and were willing to do ANY and EVERYTHING or each other I wouldn t say this is your ...

  7. Not too badNot too bad of a read but I struggled reading through some parts It sounds a lot like Brock and Nikki s intense love is highly from a sexual me The errorsso many misspelled words will always in m...

  8. Brock Brock BrockCertainly surprised by this novel I have a new author to ad to my list of favs, this booked flowed extremely well and I loved the friendship bonds between the characters

  9. Great love story.

  10. I LOVE BROCK Don t get it twisted the ladies in this novel were off the chain and was about their business in the professional arena in the streets