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Codebreaker While working undercover at a software engineering firm, Meg Parrish, a cryptographer for NSA s Central Security Service, manages to break through a series of passwords and retrieve a set of codes that might affect national security Unknowingly, she has set in motion a series of events that sends her running for her life as she overcomes the nightmares from her past. Best Read eBook Codebreaker author Katherine Myers –

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  1. Katherine Myers quickly pulls you into the life of Meg Parris, a brilliant cryptographer but emotionally stunted woman Suddenly, you find yourself wanting to know all about Meg and what will happen to her Meg finds herself on the run with a private investigator, Ross, after she takes a series of codes during her undercover work as a CSS agent Meg ...

  2. Slightly science fiction but good story of a young woman who is good at breaking codes so is hired by a branch of the government On her first undercover job while looking for a certain code in a computer she pulls out the wrong info and her life in now in danger Deals with the concept that th...

  3. This is a book that the excitement ramps up as you read the book It is a road trip sort of book with the bad guys in hot pursuit Join that with Heroes and you get an idea of what s in store Great fun.

  4. Good light summer read Found the story interesting but had no problem putting it down to do something else