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A Dying Art Nageeba Davis introduces an amateur sleuth from the high country of Colorado who has to deal with some very low people Art teacher and sculptor Maggie Kean thought she was having a rotten day Burning her toast, stubbing her toe, and all before eight in the morning Things just couldn t get any worse At least, until the dead body clogged up her toilet To Maggie s horror, the body belonged to her friend and neighbor, Elizabeth Boyer And Maggie s the prime suspect The only way out is to discover who killed her friend But Maggie is no expert at investigating, and one very handsome homicide detective doesn t think she should be involved at all So now all she has to do is evade the police, clear her name and trap a killer. Read A Dying Art –

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  1. Maggie Kean is a sculptor and art teacher Her wealthy neighbors body turns up in her septic tank and Maggie becomes a suspect along with her neighbors two grandchildren There is also a romance between Maggie and the mai...

  2. I surely enjoyed the mystery and the art aspect but for me the best part was a woman didn t have to change who she was to secretly land the man.

  3. I was walking past the neighborhood thrift store when I saw they had books on sale for 2 1 50 cents for a book is a pretty good deal, but usually these books are the bottom of the barrel, so it s hard to find something worth reading I was lucky enough to find a copy of Gilead, but there was still onebook I had to get for the 2 1 deal This just so happened to be the book that was the best of the choices.I might not be an expert of the mystery genre, but I ve read my fair share of amate I was walking past the neighborhood thrift store when I saw they had books on sale for 2 1 50 cents for a book is a pretty ...

  4. A hidden book found in a New York thrift shop, this book did not have high expectations to fill I regret starting this book and then putting it off for one or two years, as it was quite enjoyable from the middle onwards As a young reader, I may be wrong, but I ve found that this book is one of the few that does not allow romance to completely take over the plot, but added in amongst the mystery in small doses The romance be...

  5. Good light reading Others i have lent it to really liked it too The mn character Maggie is an artist that rents a cottage on an estate and makes friends with a grouchy neighbor

  6. This was a most enjoyable read I liked the main character of Maggie Kean Nice sense of humor, independence, and spunk That detective sounds like a hunk, too Enough mystery to keep you hooked.

  7. A very light romance mystery set in Colorado but it could be anywhere with art teacher sculptor as sleuth Nothing wrong with it just nothing much to it.

  8. A quick and entertaining little whodunit I was drawn into the story by the likable characters and suspenseful storyline Davis has a sharp wit, and I found her first Maggie Kean novel very enjoyable